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Founder and CEO of Dental BossLady

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Meet Dr Terri Pukanich





Founder and CEO of Dental Boss Lady

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Where It All Started

Hi! I’m Dr Terri Pukanich. I actually don’t feel the need to be called Terri will be just fine. I was asked to write an “About me” which is typically in the 3rd person although I am the one writing it. Instead, I am going to write this as though I’m talking to a new friend. Which I hope you are :)

As of writing this, I am 44 (and I threw myself an amazing 40th birthday party! 50 will have to be even better!!) I have 2 kids, Cooper and Darby, have known my husband John since childhood and we’ve been dating since I was 18 - we were married in 2001. I live in Northern Canada eh!? I wanted to be a dentist since I was 9 years old and graduated dental school at 24. I bought my first and only practice when I was 25.

I’m gonna take a wild guess that this isn’t even the stuff you want to know about.

What you really want to know is - is this girl legit? Can she really help me?

Truthfully - for many of you - I can’t help you...

and here is why….

You have a niche or speciality practice.

I am all about bread and butter, single tooth, single location, organic growth, family general dentistry. I’m so “all about that” - that I built a 5 Million Dollar practice based on that.

No fancy marketing strategies or high ticket dental procedures that are out of reach for a typical GP.

If that’s not your We all have our thing. You get to do you - that’s the beauty of practice ownership.

But what I know best and who I can help the most are single owner doctors (no partners) with a single location, who want to see their practices become a thing of joy. I can help those doctors who truly just want to make the most of what they already have.

If you don’t want to take responsibility you won’t enjoy my stuff. 

I think dentists love to play the blame game. If you want to blame your employees, your location, your market, your competitors, your association, your patients, or your family for your lack of success - keep moving.

I’m gonna ask you to take a long hard look in the mirror and take full responsibility for the state of your practice. The good, the bad and the ugly. If you aren’t ready for that - then you aren’t ready for me. And I’m totally cool with that. I won’t help you take the easy way out. I’m not about quick tips and overnight strategies.

Growing a dental practice that is a thing of joy is HARD WORK! I’m not here to sugar coat it. Once you have put in the hard work it can and will be your “GOLDEN GOOSE” - but you have to put in the effort, time and money to get it there.

My favourite quote is “To get things you’ve never had you must do things you’ve never done.”

It’s my favourite because it opens up such a huge range of exciting possibilities - but doesn’t let you off the hook.

And neither will I.

No Getting Rich Quick Here

I can NOT help you get rich quick. I am not here to double your production and exponentially increase your time off - all in 12 months. And truthfully - as a dentist - I don’t know about you but I am tired of being marketed to like that. Realistically as women - unless we are at the end of our careers (which I am guessing you are not!) - most of us wouldn’t even be able to enjoy ½ the year off! There are kids in school and husbands who work - what the heck would we even do with 16 weeks off a year?! My guess is most of us would be happy with time off when the kids are off.

Maybe 2 weeks at Christmas, a week at spring break, some time off in the fall (thanksgiving anyone?!) and shortened weeks and early days for summertime. Am I right?!

Dentistry is our hobby and our passion. I want to help you make it fun too! But that is not a get rich quick proposition in my mind. I cannot help with growing a multi-practice empire that you sell to a DSO. If that’s the end goal - I’m not your girl - er...Dental BossLady.

Ok - are you still reading? Then maybe I am resonating with you!


Here's What I'm Good At

Giving you the 20% of things that get you 80% of your results. I’ve spent millions in coaching (ugh...sigh) to figure out the few things to focus on. My very first coach gave me a list of 47 systems to run a dental practice...and under those 47 systems - each had 3-5 subsystems…#overwhelm #implementationnightmare. I was just pigheaded, bullheaded, cheap and stubborn enough to get my money’s worth and figure out what really makes a difference.

That’s it. Simple.

Not easy...simple.

You still might be wondering - Yah the content in the leadership academy any good…

The best thing to do right now is sign up for the free trial...It’s 7 days. If you like it - you will like the ongoing content.

If you don’t - I’m good.

Just like I can’t be everyone’s dentist - I can’t be everyone’s mentor. But truthfully I think I am supposed to be telling you all about myself and my “meteoric” rise to success….

My Epiphany

Like I said I graduated dental school at 24 and bought my first and only practice when I was 25. I didn't have a clue. All I knew is this practice was supposed to be “my dream”. That was in 2003.

In 2005 I realized I needed help and hired my first coaches. By 2010 - only 8 years from graduation and 7 years into ownership I wanted to quit.

I was burnt out and didn’t know why I existed. I was a hamster on a hamster wheel. I could not imagine this life, this practice that felt like a ball and chain, for the rest of my life.

And then I had an epiphany - call it my “Jerry Macguire” moment - and truthfully if you are too young to know that movie go now and immediately watch it. It’s legendary and will give you hope.

Anyway - I wrote my practice manifesto, my vision, my mission - whatever you want to call it. I was excited! I was for the first time since buying the practice - pumped about the future. I shared my ideas, plans and big dreams with my team. And then the work began.

You know the saying - it’s hard to turn a big ship around? That was us….But slow and steady we focused on where we were going. And then the tipping point - in 2013 I grew by a million dollars in one year.

From Nightmare to Joy

Fast forward to today and I created my dream practice and have been inspired (and truthfully prodded by others) to share my story, my strategies and my tactics in a tangible way. With dentists just like you.

Ladies who thought they were buying or building a dream when they acquired their practice - and who have found it to be more of a nightmare.

A life-sucking, energy-draining, overwhelming, stress-inducing nightmare.

If that’s how you think about your practice I want to help you!

How I Do It

My main focus is to help you create a practice you are excited about.

I do this by showing you how to build a strong foundation of people, systems and leadership. We do this inside the leadership academy on a monthly basis.

Here’s my first offer to help:

If what you see there is useful - stay awhile and see more benefits of membership unlock.

It’s that simple.

Thanks for staying the course and getting through my bio!


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The guide 15 Tiny Tweaks for New Patients describes how you can make your new patient experience unique. When you give patients treatment plans they've never heard before, it helps build trust if it was preceded by a patient experience they've never had before.

These 15 tweaks are what sets the best practices apart. Isn't it time you set yours apart too?

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21 Key Systems to Streamline Your Dental Practice

Use for automating systems, freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on more important things. The guide includes:

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  • ​Motivation and visioning exercises for your dental dream team
  • ​Avenues for support
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