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Hello friend and fellow dentist!

Thank you so much for visiting the site. I hope you’ve grabbed a few free resources and are considering new ways to improve or expand your practice.

As you know, my name is Dr. Terri Pukanich, but my colleagues and DBL Leadership Academy students just call me Terri. I hold a BSc. and DDS from the University of Alberta, and I’ve been running a multi-million dollar dental practice for the past 20 years.

In addition to running a successful dental practice, I am the mother of two amazing kids - Cooper and Darby. My husband, John, and I had known each other since childhood and started dating when I was 18. We married in 2001 while I was still studying, and we learned from the get-go that we wanted to build our life together in our hometown in Northern Canada.

I’ve wanted to be a dentist since I was 9. So, you can imagine the sheer joy I felt when at 25, I bought my very own practice.
It was exhilarating.

I was living my dream. I had the family and career I’d always wanted, exactly the way I’d planned it.

All my hard work paid off.
Until it didn't!

I’m a highly skilled dentist. But being an entrepreneur, business owner, a team leader, and a boss — that’s a whole other skill-set they don’t teach in dental school (but they should!).

Determined to build a successful business, I knew I needed help. So, I hired my first coach in 2005, but the results were mediocre at best. By 2010, I was burnt out and ready to quit.

I honestly don’t know what kept me going, but a small voice in my head told me there could be a better way to do this work.

I poured more money into coaching programs. One coaching program gave me 47 systems, which included 3-5 subsystems, to run a practice. It was overcomplicated and overwhelming.

Honestly, the program was not ideal, but I still used these tools and
analyzed what would work best for me. With time and attention, I built my own more straightforward and intuitive systems, transforming my practice into the thriving business I always wanted. And I haven’t looked back!

Having gone through tons of coaching programs
(like millions of dollars worth of meh-programs), I wanted to create a better opportunity for dentists like me.

Terri pointing upwards to the Dental BossLady Leadership Academy details
Dental BossLady Leadership Academy

Dental BossLady Leadership Academy comes from my years of hard-won experience as a dentist and business owner. It’s the coaching program I wished I had in 2010. And it includes all the strategies, frameworks, and templates I use to run the thriving practice I have today.

That’s what I want to emphasize.

  • You can turn your practice around.
  • You can create the work-life balance you want.
  • Dental BossLady Leadership Academy will show you how!
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"Within 6 months of starting my first Invisalign case, I have achieved Platinum Invisalign provider status! I wouldn’t have been able to be set up so successfully without the help and mentorship of Dr. Pukanich. I’m very glad she is providing mentorship on her skills in Dentistry and practice management to different provinces. Thank you to Dr. Pukanich for giving me the courage to start Invisalign on our own hygiene patients every day!"

- Dr. Nicole Kriel

Dental BossLady Leadership Academy is Great if:
Female dental practice owner with patient

You Run a Bread and Butter Practice

I’ve designed Dental BossLady Leadership Academy for bread and butter, single tooth, single location, organic growth, and family-general dentistry.
Why? Because I teach what I know. And what I know was able to build a multi-million dollar practice in a small market.

We are not covering complicated and flashy marketing strategies for high-ticket dental procedures. Our goal of the program is to help you optimize from within your practice. We are getting down to tangible and achievable goals and growth that any single-owner doctor can achieve within a reasonable time and budget.

The goal is to create a smooth, highly efficient, and joyful dental practice so you can position yourself in the next stage of your business journey.

You’re a Problem Solver

If you want me to be honest, I think many dentists like playing the “blame game.” They blame their employees, location, market, competitors, patients, and even their families for the lack of success.

I must admit that I’ve indulged in blaming too.

But at the end of the day, your success comes down to how you show up in your work and life. If you don’t want to take on that responsibility, you won’t get anything out of this program. And you won’t enjoy the process either.

Building a joyful practice is also HARD WORK. But you’re a dentist. You’re made for work!

Remember —

“To get things you’ve never had, you must do things you’ve never done.” Investing in this program isn’t just monetary. It’s an investment of your time, attention, effort, and willingness to try new things beyond your comfort zone.

In the end, it will all be worth it. There is so much opportunity around the corner.

Successful female dental practice owner
Young female dentist treating patient

You’re a Female Dentist

Dental BossLady Leadership Academy is designed for female dentists…because being a woman in practice is different from being a male practitioner.

The DBL Community has shown us that female dentists face many obstacles related to their profession and personal life that are - for better or worse- specific to the female experience.

How we lead our team, engage our patients, and build a business will be informed by that experience. DBL’s goal is to give you a space to learn and develop as a person and a professional among a group of women who understand a bit of your experience.

You’re Not Into Get-Rich-Quick Rackets!

I’ve seen every coaching program, and far too many promise massive wealth in minimal time. They don’t work.

I’m tired of this type of marketing. Dentists are intelligent and practical. We’re dedicated to building a sustainable business. Yes, we want to make more money, but we’re not flaky influencers! We’re professional healthcare practitioners.

Plus, many dentists have families. They’re not interested in a business model that has them off 16 weeks a year….who would they vacation with when their kids or spouses are at school or work?

We also like being dentists. The vocation doesn’t bother us…the unnecessary grind does.

Dental BossLady Leadership Academy is about reducing your job’s unnecessary stress. It’s about regaining joy in your career by getting down to business and building a company that works for you, your team, and your life.

Successful female entrepreneur and dental practice owner
My Mission For

Dental BossLady Leadership Academy

Terri Pukanich, owner and CEO of Dental BossLady

Here’s what I’m good at — giving you simple, easy-to-follow tools, systems, and strategies that will help you elevate the way you run your practice.

Remember, 80% of the outcomes result from 20% of the work.

I give you that 20% — minor tweaks, easy changes, and an approach to your practice that prioritizes simplicity over complexity and clarity over confusion.

This program was built because I have mentored many dentists, and they wanted me to share my process with more people. I designed this program to be easy to follow and self-paced because I know your time is precious.

DBL Leadership Academy is filled with incredible resources. You get unlimited access to tutorials and webinars, so you can do the work whenever you want.

My only suggestion is this —

If you choose to join the program, be intentional about it. Focus on learning and implementation. Make time in your schedule to do the work.

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

"Dr. Pukanich works with everyone, she can connect with assistants, hygienist, dentists - she relates to everyone so she's really easy to talk to. You feel like you can relate to her so easily and she's so easy to talk to and you feel like you can achieve it because she's achieved so much."

- Tianna Panizzon

Video Poster Image

"Terri is so empowering as a woman in dentistry. From a business aspect, I think we have so much potential and so much to offer, and Terri's inspiring, showing us that we can achieve so much as women, business owners, and bosses who motivate our staff. She just really inspired me!"

- Dr. Dana Hardy

Terri Pukanich, Dental BossLady Academy CEO
  • Do you want to end your day with a little gas left in the tank to spend quality time with loved ones?
  • Do you want to close the office for two weeks in the winter and summer for a solid vacay?
  • Do you want to work a true 3 or 4 day week?
  • Do you want to run a dental practice that top talent flocks to because your office is so joyful to be at?
  • Do you want a job that’s so rewarding it doesn’t feel like work?

Then DBL Leadership Academy is for you!

How To Join

If you’re ready to build a practice that excites and inspires you, you’re prepared to try Dental BossLady Leadership Academy. For more information, check out our DBL Leadership Academy Page.  



Take your time reviewing the program. And remember, new content is posted every month for members.

Thanks again for visiting DBL, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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