Hi, I'm Dr. Terri Pukanich,
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I help  


who run their own practice develop CEO Leadership Skills 

so they can have more fun, make more money and feel more fulfilled in practice. 

About Me

My name is Dr. Terri Pukanich and I am the Founder and CEO of Dental BossLady.


I am a pretty good dentist. But I was a terrible businesswoman. A few years after buying my practice, I was ready to sell and quit general dentistry – my business was running me and the whole thing felt like a slog. I decided that I needed to invest in my business education, so I spent the next few years – and a ludicrous amount in consulting and coaching fees – figuring out how to be a dental boss . . .


But being a woman in dentistry adds a whole other level.


I founded Dental BossLady to share what I've learned about how to run a successful practice as a woman in dentistry.  I have distilled the skills, knowledge and experience that I've accrued from hundreds of books, thousands of hours of professional development, consulting and coaching, and observed the results from experimenting and tweaking elements of my own practice. I want to share what I've learned to help you short circuit the path to your dream dental practice.

I am a full-time practicing dentist. I'm not running a high end boutique practice – I'm still in the trenches, drilling out lower first molar decay on 15 year old kids who don't brush their teeth! So I get it. I want to give women in dentistry the "secret sauce" that has transformed my practice from a slog to a multi-million-dollar practice in a small town in Northern Alberta where we have fun every single day.



The guide 21 Key Systems to Streamline Your Dental Practice gives you a checklist of systems that can be automated, freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on more important things.

The guide 15 Tiny Tweaks for New Patients  describes how you can make your new patient experience unique. When you give patients treatment plans they've never hear before, it helps build trust if it was preceded by a patient experience they'e never had before.

This tool allows you to calculate total daily production for different procedures based on your ideal mix of dentistry, your annual production goal and your case acceptance rate.

Online Training

Dental Dream-Teams aren't found, they're built. This 50-minute webinar gives you the knowledge you need to build the team that you need to succeed.

Take the 4 Days to 4K Challenge! In this webseries I reveal the proven method for adding $1000 of production every day for the next four days.

Exceptional dental practices do not happen by accident. The Dental Practice By Design online course includes hours of engaging video instruction in short, digestible segments, workbook exercises, downloadable templates and digital tools to help you design your ideal dental practice.




"Terri's coaching, the informative content, the format of the course – all of it was just great for me.  I keep going back to watch a video or review notes/content and I continue to pick up more information.  The information was so useful and easy to implement."   

- Dr. Kathleen Murphy,

Jepsen, Murphy & Associates, Colorado

"From this course I have developed a new way to communicate with my team about my vision and set clear expectations so we can all succeed. Terri was so generous with sharing her knowledge, management documents and skills. She is such a role model and I admire how she has found a successful and fulfilling dental career while still having a lot of fun and not taking life too seriously."

- Dr. Krista Maedel,

Rosetown Dental, Rosetown SK



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