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Critical Factors To Dental Practice Success, KPIs - Which Ones And Why?

business performance kpis Apr 30, 2021

Today is the day to talk numbers. And yes, for some of us, numbers are a little scary, but here's the thing- if you don't know your numbers, how do you know if you're doing well?

Simple truth- you can't truly measure your success without tracking the numbers. It's unavoidable.

Today, I'm going to get detailed on our KPIs and systems we have implemented to help us track our numbers and ensure the practice is running smoothly on all fronts.

So, we're talking KPIs, but what exactly are KPIs? KPI stands for Key Practice Indicators AKA what you should be tracking in your practice. These indicators reflect on, not just you and your team, but the fluidity of your patient experience as well. So understanding your KPIs is KEY (literally) to running a smooth and successful dental practice.

When you start to track numbers, you start to see your profitability, which is really the number one thing you need to be keeping track of. But how exactly do you track your profitability? Systems.

You've got to have some solid systems to help you be able to break down your productivity and see where you need to focus on and where you are killllllin' it. At my practice, we have about 20 systems- 6 critical success factors, 4 areas of the Patient Care Systems, and the remaining few include our clinical systems, business systems, and management systems.

In my video, you'll learn more about what exactly the breakdown is for the systems, some tips on running a more patient-oriented practice with ease, and learn about the 80-20 rule.

psssst.. They say that 20% of your efforts leads to 80% of your results. Wanna know what that 20% entails? Check out my video now and let me know your thoughts!