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How to Grow Your Dental Practice To 7 Figures

profit Apr 30, 2021
dental lady with profitable practice

When people think of dentists, they think we are just swimming in a pool of money. Sure, some of us have an outstanding and profitable practice, but that isn't exactly the case for every dentist, especially not the brand new ones...

Today we're going to chat about what you need to do in order to make your practice more profitable!

With social media running our spare minutes, it's so hard for us not to compare ourselves to the highlights of other people. And of course, we dentists are naturally competitive. So, on top of figuring out how to be successful business people, we have to fight against the social pressures we see while leisurely scrolling through our phones.

There's a ton of pressure everywhere, which is why I started DentalBoss Lady. I wanted to teach my fellow female dentists how to have more FUN in their practice. I wanted to feel more fulfilled, and know that I was making an impact with my team, their families, the community, and my fellow dentists. And of course, I wanted to help others become more profitable.

What people don't understand about us dentists is that for most of us, this whole running a practice thing isn't second nature, we aren't business savvy. We were not trained in running a business.

On top of that, most of us have gigantic loans for school or maybe even the practice to pay for too! So, it's not a constant rain of dollar bills.

And when it is, we have a great team we have to make sure we are fairly paying. If you have an outstanding team, they often come with a large monthly payroll. Not to equipment isn't cheap.

Here are my tips on creating a profitable practice:

1. Take a deep breath. Remember that practice success is measured differently for everyone. So what I think is successful for me may not be the same for the next dentist.

2. Get clear on what dental success means to YOU. This is YOUR dream. So before you can be successful, you gotta make sure that YOU know what you're success indicators are.

Success is ultimately up to you, so get clear and focused. You can build whatever your dreams are so long as the passion and fire is strong.

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As a fellow full-time dentist, I want to assure you that Dental BossLady Academy was intentionally formulated for your busy lifestyle. In fact, and I give you step-by-step instructions on how you’re going to create more time in your schedule.

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