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How To Make Team Meetings More Effective

meetings productivity Apr 30, 2021

Team meetings - we ALL need them, but we don't always run them as effectively as we could. Some of us have them all day, while others only run them half a day, and some just dedicate an hour. But which one is the right way?

What if I told you they all were?

Today you'll learn some tips on how to have effective team meetings!

So, when I first had team meetings, I had a hard time keep track of things. I felt like I was addressing things without purpose... until I read The 4 Disciplines of Execution. I learned that I was addressing the wrong things in the wrong meetings. These meetings needed to be future-focused, meaning it was not the time to address problems from the past.

The first thing I do is take the day before the meeting to prepare. This includes creating a slide show, which helps keep us all on track. Ultimately, we're visual people, so it'll grab everyone's attention. I also like to reuse the slides for other meetings. Humans learn by repetition, so reusing slides will help everyone retain the information.

I now have full-day team meetings 4 times a year. These meetings are focused on positivity, giving shout outs to team members from team members, a Ted Talk to get us going, review core values and WIGs (AKA wildly important goals), and end with positivity like a celebration or share our wins.

During our weekly meetings, we focus more so the numbers and get everyone on the right track to making the next week a success. This is also done in each division so that we aren't just spewing unnecessary information to divisions that don't pertain to those issues.

Daily meetings are something I encourage each division to have. These are typically about 10-15 minutes long and address the problems we might see. These meetings keep those minor issues in line and within the division, rather than the whole practice.

There are lots of ways to hold these team meetings, but you want to ensure it brings the attendees value. In my video, I share more details of what I do and how I run them. I've tried MANY different methods and I'm telling you, this is the BEST method I've tried. So give the video a watch and see how much of a positive impact this method will have on your meetings.