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entrepreneurship leadership mental health resilience support talk Feb 06, 2023
Surround yourself with people who care

Hey friends.... LET'S TALK!

Dentistry is fucking hard.

It's, like really fucking hard.

We are literally the most under-rated superstar profession who basically does microsurgery on living body parts with awake humans who hate us and never want to pay - every fucking day.

But it's ok - you are worthy, loved and appreciated - even though most days you don't feel like you are - I love you just for being a dentist. If nobody told you lately you are loved, appreciated and amazing - well - you are.

The world is a better place because you are here. Never forget that. If you are feeling alone - you aren't.

I wanted to be a dentist since I was 9, almost quit and was on the brink of burnout after 8 years in practice (remember it's fucking hard!) but rallied back, and have been blessed to be in practice 20 years, ... and yes it's still fucking hard - however I've learned to look on the bright side.

We should literally get a medal just for going into this profession. The general public, our spouses, our friends, our kids, our parents, our staff, our patients, the government...just don't get it. That alone makes it very lonely.

Only those of us who wear that hat get it. But yet - those same people can somehow be the cruelest judges (stop that!!)

We need to stand beside each other and TALK.

Now more than ever we need to TALK, to say it's ok, to say I understand, to say... you don't have to be perfect to be awesome. You are awesome despite your imperfection.

I know for a fact some of us are struggling. We need to all say... I'm here and I want you to be here too. This world needs us.

However, we are picked apart constantly.

It starts in dental school - where we are never enough, never good enough, we are judged to the tenth of a mm. Then we start to practice and the pressure of making everyone happy ALL THE TIME is at times insurmountable.

We are always scared of what others are going to think... my margin was off by 0.278mm and some other dentist is going to throw me under the bus (STOP THAT!!)

But...Let's talk.

We aren't perfect. Nobody is.

That expectation is enormous.

We all do our best day in and day out.

Know this... you are worthy, you are doing your best, and you are loved despite your shitty margins, your root tip left, your missed IAN block, your open contact, your short fill, your re-abcess after RCT, your less than perfect Invisalign result, the fact that you do bread and butter and aren't (insert latest GURU) trained, your mismatched anterior bonding, your veneer that cracked and debonded, your hygienist who just quit, your tax bill that's larger than what you have in your bank account, your payroll that's looming, your student debt that now feels like a mistake, your shitty ass fucking patient who came in with no pain and a bombed out tooth who is now threatening to take you to the board because you filled it and now it's sensitive.

Despite all of that you are loved, you are worthy and you are amazing just for even trying.

Give yourself love, give yourself a break and be kind. To yourself and others.

But most of all..Let's Talk.

You aren't alone...even if you feel like you are.

Please reach out.

Like my daughter says...Surround yourself with people who care... let's care for each other. I know you, I understand you, I am you... and together...we got this.