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Should You Hire A Coach?

coaching Apr 30, 2021

Hiring a coach can be very useful in streamlining your practice and making sure it grows in the right direction. But not everyone is sure if paying for a coach will get them the results they want or worth the investment.

Today I'm going to share my story of why I decided to seek coaching, and how it has helped my practice.

Before we get to my story, I need to make one thing clear. Coaching will only help if YOU implement the changes. These coaches are guides and tip providers.

They can tell you everything they know, and what they would do in YOUR situation. But at the end of the day, the only person that can truly make things happen is YOU.

Coaching isn't cheap, so before you seek out a coach, be sure to have a CLEAR idea of what it is you want.

  • What does it mean?
  • How will you do it?
  • What does your ideal practice look like?
  • What is the person who runs this ideal practice like?

Whatever your dream is, make sure you can clearly describe it.

On to my story...I hired my first coach in 2005, two years into purchasing the practice. I realized early on that I needed some help. My team was "inherited" to me, we had zero systems implemented, no hygiene department, and I was frustrated as I wanted to implement some new changes, but they never truly stuck.

So I was able to reach out to Transitions Group North America and work with 3 coaches- one for hygiene, one for business, and one for leadership.

Essentially, what they taught me was how to run my practice smoother in the HR sense. I wasn't the best leader during this time as I was having a baby, we had a smaller team, and, unfortunately, I had to let some people go. But my coach helped tremendously with getting my practice to grow in a more functional direction.

Several years later, I was ready to take my practice to a more complex dentistry style, so I reached out to Mary Osborne, who helped me communicate better in this field. She had raving reviews, and I add right into it - I highly recommend her! The cherry on top of this new direction I was going was joining the Scheduling Institute and fine-tuning my practice even more.

In the end...Implementation is key. If you are seeking out guidance and help, you've got to be open to actually ACTING on what they have taught you.

You're team will vibe off you, so make sure that you know EXACTLY what it is you are looking for. This will help YOU know if the steps you are taking are beneficial to the goals you have. A clear idea will also help the coaches themselves guide you in the right direction of YOUR dreams. Your team will go ahead and follow you through this journey.

And if some don't, you'll learn that sometimes you have to sever ties for things to run as smoothly as your practice needs them.

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