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The Importance of a Tribe

community teams Apr 30, 2021
women standing and talking at a meeting

Many dentists tend to lean more on the introverted side. Sure, we interact with patients, but most of us are concentrated on teeth and hardly ever try to find our place in the social world.

But after practicing in isolation, I realized that I was longing to be a part of something bigger, and once I learned what that was, things started to change...

That thing for me started by taking Dr. David Galler's Reingage Course and then getting connected on a personal level with hundreds of like-minded Invisalign dentists. With his Invisalign CE, he revolutionized the dental industry and it was easy for me to see and feel the power of being part of a tribe.

The list of benefits could go on forever, but I wanted to share a few points of why I thinking finding your tribe is so important for the success of your career.

  1. It connects you to like-minded business people. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it feels to be able to bounce ideas off others who are looking to move in the same direction. You just might learn a new method or system to add to your practice that could make a world of a difference.
  2. You get to be part of a family. Okay so more of a community, but you truly get to feel so connected to these people. You find out things you have in common even outside of Dentistry.
  3. They feel your pain. Everyone has days that turn into days from hell. It's bound to happen. You get to express those frustrations to people who have been there and actually understand! Helps you remember that you aren't alone with the battle wounds and you'll prevail.

The Gallerite family really helped me find my calling. I was more recognized and felt such support, that I wanted to spread his message to here, with my Dental BossLady tribe. Find your thing, whatever it may be, and unite in the tribe.