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The Many Hats Women In Dentistry Have To Wear

attitude time management Apr 30, 2021

We, as women, are expected to wear A LOT of hats. We are the homemakers, the caretakers, and, more recently, sometimes the breadwinners. The biggest issues I see with this is that we tend to really have some unrealistic expectations while wearing our hats.

But it's time for things to change...


Obviously, women being the homemaker and caretaker is something that has practically been around since the beginning of time. So, that hat is a little harder to shake off. But here's the thing, women make up 50% of dental school graduates. Meaning, we are making a HUGE difference in dentistry now. And that is fantastic! Women are now making more money than men in the relationship, so the tide is turning.

But yet, we are still expected to put on the Mom hat and be the comforter, the taxi driver, and the volunteerer. Do you know what I say to that? Bullshit.

We absolutely do not have to continue being Suzy Homemaker while KILLIN' it at being CEOs or, in our case, practice owners. So here's my solution to balancing all these hats we wear- OUTSOURCE.

Yeah, that's right. Outsource some stuff on your to-do list, ladies!

Hate the laundry? Make your kids do their own.

Laundry is the worst, and I absolutely hate it. So, my kids started doing laundry when they were 9 years old.

My husband and I both hate cooking, so I buy already prepped meals.

All I have to do is throw it into the pot, microwave, or oven and voila - homemade meal with almost zero effort.

So, take some time to think about the tasks and chores you hate doing and see how you can outsource them. You absolutely shouldn't have to do ALL the work ALL the time. Give yourself some alone time and time to wear that CEO hat you love and keep powering on!

You aren't the only person that has to do everything. It takes tremendous effort to balance wearing all those hats, so do yourselves a solid, ladies, and outsource some tasks! It takes a village to succeed.

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