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The Misconception of Dental Influencers

attitude business performance coaching Apr 30, 2021
dental practioner

When people think of dental influencers, they assume that they are perfect. They have the perfect practice and team. They have the perfect house. They have the perfect patients. They never have mistakes and ba...

Sorry, I couldn't keep going without LAUGHING. You guys, our lives aren't that much different from your typical dental influencer. Let me explain...

First of all, YOU can easily become a dental influencer! The only difference is, we just have a more streamline idea of our whys and whats. For instance, my WHY here is you guys. I was called to mentor and coach. So WHAT is my goal? To coach other women to have a more fulfilling practice, achieve their goals and missions, become an inspiration to their team, and ultimately, achieve their dreams!

Once I got those two things down, the HOWs came flooding in with ease. The more clear your goals are, the easier it is to figure out how you'll get there.

Another thing that will guide you to your dental dreams is to follow three key concepts:

Be active in your community.

Create the best customer service experience for your patients.

Track your numbers.

Being aware of those three concepts will guide you in the direction of success.

Now, more specifically, let's talk about YOU. You are who your team looks for in terms of inspiration, admiration, motivation, EVERYTHING. When thinking of your ideal practice, think of WHO you see running this amazing practice. When I started DentalBoss, I pictured this person who was health conscious. I looked at myself and realized that I was in my own funk in my health and fitness.

So what did I do?

I joined a cross-fit gym. And I've felt AMAZING ever since. It gave me some "me time" which was truly what was missing most! We get so caught up in our practice, family, patients, team, etc. that we forget to think about ourselves. So remember, book yourself some "me time" to keep your sanity intact, so you can be more cool, calm, and collected.

Tony Robbins once stated that the words we use are VITAL to how we conduct business. When there are issues, us detailed oriented dentists tends to get a little dramatic, which leads to us spewing some dramatic words. So, let's start by using more POWERFUL and POSITIVE words. Tell your team how amazing they are or when things are going wrong, remind yourself that you can weather any storm.

Dental influencers don't have the "perfect" life or practice. But what they do have is that they handle themselves and their practice with confidence. When things go wrong, they remain calm and think of the WHYs and WHATs, so that the HOWs can be figured out, and they can get everything back on track.

So, look within first and the rest will come into play.