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Happy International Women's Day!

support women Mar 08, 2024

Happy International Women's Day my friends. 

Seeing as I built my entire coaching platform around women and for women - you would think I might have some strong emotions and feelings about women and our rights to be celebrated, admired, respected, and included. 

And I do! Here is what I want you to know.  

I want you to know you are amazing, valued and worthy - even though you left a contact open today, you shade matched that bridge wrong and had to send it back, you have a dirty car, you gave your kids cereal for supper and you watched the Real Housewives with a glass of wine instead of that webinar you signed up for and you haven't worked out in 3 months.  

Women can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and fall victim to the comparison game on social media.   At times that weight may seam unbearable.  You are amazing, it's ok to put down the weight.  We can be our very own worst critics and instead of giving ourselves love, grace, kindness, forgiveness - we chastise ourselves for how we should have done better, or could have put in more effort, or we aren't living up to our own bullshit standards or rules.  And no.. our lives don't look like they do on Instagram. 

Ditch the rules, standards and comparisons. You do you, boo. 

When you start to spiral, ruminate and loop al the coulda, woulda, shoulda thoughts in your head...I want you to stop, and talk to that voice in your head like she was your 4 year old daughter or niece.  The words we speak to ourselves yield a power you cannot imagine - make sure that voice is filling you up and not tearing you down.  

Speaking of voices... 

I want you to know you are powerful and you have an impactful message.  And there are people on this earth who need to hear your exact message.  Maybe it's the 8 year old fearful patient who needs her first filling.  Maybe it's the 24 year old brand new dental assistant you just hired.  Maybe it's your very own daughter, niece, mother or sister.  Maybe it's you!

You have an impact on others, no matter how small you perceive it to be - never underestimate your power to influence, guide, support and love others.  And never underestimate the lasting power those things have on our shared humanity.   Instead step into that power.  Own that power.  I do believe we need to stop under valuing the contribution we make in the world. We need to stop belittling and downplaying the important roles we play and the important actions we take to improve the lives of all those around us. 

I want you to know you have the ability to forge your own path - and that path to whatever it is you want - is going to be filled with mistakes.  It's going to be filled with obstacles.  It's going to be filled with unease, worry, second guessing and at times - full blown panic attacks.  But I want you to know the path lies ahead, define it and know all that get's in your way is meant to be there.  It's there for you to learn, grow, discover and share.  

So on International Women's Day I want you to know we deserve to be celebrated.  I celebrate you. 

I celebrate you  - JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

Now go on girl and celebrate you too!!