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Learn The Systems and Processes Hundreds Of Female Dentists Have Used to Create The Practice of Their Dreams! 

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Learn The Systems AND Processes Hundreds Of Female Dentists Have Used to Create the Practice of Their Dreams!

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You don’t need to lead alone.  Get the guidance and support you need the build, grow and scale your business.
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Let’s Be Real


You didn’t work so hard to have a career that’s burning you out. 


But how do you build and grow your business when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed just running the business?


πŸ’₯ How do you inspire a team? 

πŸ’₯ How do you optimize your operations?

πŸ’₯ How do you nurture and grow your patient base?


You deserve a thriving practice. 

You have what it takes to become the leader that empowers, inspires, and runs a highly efficient business. 


You just need the guidance, mentorship and support to get you there...


It’s time to build the practice of your dreams

Make your practice a place you, your team, and your patients love.

Learn the tried-and-true systems and processes that will help you run and grow your business with maximum efficiency.


Let’s Build Your 

DREAM Practice


I help female dental practice owners build dream practices. 


How? By teaching you systems that work. That means: 


We will go behind the scenes so you can see how, step by step, I transform dental practices from 80-hour a week grinds to a fun environment you love, run by a team that supports the vision of our company.


You’ll get access to the resources, systems, and team-building tactics you need to transform your practice whether you have two chairs and one employee or take up the entire bottom suite of your building.


❌  Stop second-guessing yourself when it comes to prioritizing tasks

❌  Stop the critical voice in your head that questions the decisions you make

❌  Don’t waste time and money on inefficient marketing

❌  Stop feeling bogged down low-level distractions

❌  Stop doing other people’s work

❌  Don’t let your business run you




βœ…Get expert guidance to create proper business systems for your practice

βœ… Get useful templates and pre-made forms to streamline your administration

βœ…  Discover the secrets to effective marketing to become the go-to practice

βœ… Learn what you need to learn to build an effective, joyful business

βœ…  I’m going to show you how to run your business, not be run by it.






Hi! I’m Dr. Terri Pukanich. I’m the founder & CEO of Dental BossLady-and a total NERD! 

I lead a $5 Million dollar dental practice with 17 treatment rooms run by my Dental Dream Team that supports my vision.

Our patients love us because we run a well-oiled machine and we have FUN doing it! 

And I know you can have the same business experience.

I’ve been where you are right now….

  • Burdened by student debt
  • Anxious about cash-flow
  • Overwhelmed by all the nitty-gritty details it takes to run this business
  • Frustrated that nothing you do seems to make a difference

As high-achievers with a lot on the go - personally and professionally - creating the career of your dreams can feel like a huge struggle, especially for driven women, like you and me.

This is why I created the Dental BossLLady Leadership Academy — a comprehensive membership program that guides, supports and empowers female dentists so they can realize their business vision and live the life they’ve worked so hard to create.

The Academy was founded to help thousands of women reach their goals.  Learn the systems, processes, and insider secrets that put me in the top 1% of practices in North America.

Build the dream practice. Pay yourself the wealth you're worth. Work in an environment you love!

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Transforming your practice starts NOW!

Today is the first step toward making the radical change you need to build the practice you want - the practice you have been dreaming of. 

It’s the practice where you show up and your team is already running on all cylinders.  Self managing and empowered decision makers.

You arrive to freshly made coffee, a waiting room buzzing with patients, and a full schedule.  

You arrive at work, focused on your job (and your job only!)

Your team is happy - the good vibes are palpable. The traditional bickering and gossip are gone. In their place are smiles and support.

Your patients can’t get enough of you. They bring their families, their kids, and refer you to their friends.

Your marketing is natural and non-sleazy. Gone are the days of discounting your top notch care just to get people through the door.

You’ll add new, profitable procedures.

You spend your time growing the business, meeting with the patients you want, and supporting your team so they can help you grow.

You get home satisfied instead of stressed and look forward to the next day.

Own your day. Win your day. Everyday! Sounds amazing, right?

Stop stressing. Start thriving.

Let me show you how to make it happen.

You’ve got the skills and smarts to streamline your business.  You just need guidance to help you get there.  Remember, all you need are the right systems.

That’s what this membership is all about.

Membership gets you access to the systems you need to skip the guesswork, trial and error, end the frustrating feast and famine cycle of patients, and fall back in love with the practice you’ve been dreaming about!

Make My Dream Practice Possible

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Are You Ready For Your Dream Dental Business?

Right now you’re thinking...

Terri this sounds great, but how do I know this is right for me?

Good question.

I’ve found the women that go on to become Dental BossLadies share the following traits.

They want to serve their patients better

They don’t just want MORE patients, they want to serve patients BETTER.

Their dream team 100% supports their vision

They don’t want employees, they want customer-obsessed team members.

They want the wealth they are worth

They want to build their fortune, future, and freedom on their terms.

They want real systems that work

They are done with sleazy marketing promising to double their income and take half the year off!

This you? Let me know by raising your hand.

Raise My Hand βœ‹

Female Dentists Agree The Dental BossLady System Works

Dr. Kathleen Murphy
Jepsen, Murphy & Associates, Colorado

Terri's coaching, the informative content, the format of the course – all of it was just great for me. I keep going back to watch a video or review notes/content and I continue to pick up more information. The information was so useful and easy to implement.

Dr. Krista Maedel
Rosetown Dental, Rosetown SK

From this course I have developed a new way to communicate with my team about my vision and set clear expectations so we can all succeed. Terri was so generous with sharing her knowledge, management documents and skills. She is such a role model and I admire how she has found a successful and fulfilling dental career while still having a lot of fun and not taking life too seriously.

What You Get As A Member

I am going to share everything you need to build the dental practice of your dreams.  

That’s why this new offer is an ongoing membership model.  

Membership works.


Because I can break up training over months.

This gives you time to:

βœ… Apply the lessons learned

βœ… Implement in a realistic timeline

βœ… Ask questions

βœ… Grow

❌ Without confusion and overwhelm

Every three months I’ll release what I’m calling vaults. Each vault contains specific self-paced video trainings for that phase in your journey. Along with the video trainings in the vault you’ll get a workbook for each training, a book club guide, and a quarterly group mastermind call.

Your membership gets you immediate access to the Foundations, Archives, and Forms vault. Here you’ll find the information you need to establish the foundation your dream practice will be built on.

Here’s a detailed look at everything included with your membership.

What You Get Immediately (as in today, as soon as you join!)

Foundations Vault 

Here you’ll learn everything you need to establish your dream practice for growth. You’ll learn the mindset, vision, mission, core values, and leadership development needed to attract and grow a dream team of customer-obsessed employees!

Archives Vault

The archives is a great place to find ways to add revenue quickly. There you’ll get access to my flagship course Dental Practice By Design, my quick profit Invisalign Mastermind course, and 4 Days To 4K where I show you how to add quickly and easily add $1000 into your schedule every day without overwhelming yourself. New resources will be added as they become available! The Archives Vault alone is over a $10,000 value. 

The Forms Vault

This is one of those ‘worth the cost’ vaults. Here you get access to all of the forms I talk about and use inside my practice.  You’ll get everything from X to Y to Z. Normally these resources would cost you hundreds to have created for your practice. As a member you get access to them all instantly here!

Unlocked 3 Months After Joining

Systematize Vault

After you’ve established the foundation for your dream practice I’ll show you how to manage your growth proactively. I’ll share all my secrets on how to systematize your practice in a way that isn't overwhelming. You'll learn how to optimize the patient experience (to increase lifetime patient value, retention, and referrals), systems to run your business, and scheduling methods my students use to ensure their practice runs smoothly every day they are open!

Unlocked 6 Months After Joining

Optimize Vault

By now your dream practice is growing.  Because of the systems you've implemented you are handling larger patient loads, making more per appointment, and loving your team. In this training we’ll cover how you can increase your profits without working longer hours. You’ll learn how to set ambitious goals (and reach them in half the time you’d think it would take to get there), setting and tracking key performance indicators, financial management systems to make sure everyone is getting paid right and on time, and how to handle team bonuses and pay!

Unlocked 9 Months After Joining

Maximize Vault

At this point you are running your dream business. You are looking forward to coming to work, you are making the wealth you are worth, and now you’re ready to learn how to maximize your practice. In this vault you learn how to produce the results you want. You’ll learn what producers to add to grow market share, how (and if you should) add capacity, marketing tips for natural client growth, and how to establish and understand the true ongoing potential of your practice!

You get access to all this PLUS structured quarterly mastermind calls. 

Foundations, archives, forms, systematize, optimize and maximize vaults are all unlocked after 9 months of membership.  After that content will continue to be updated based on the needs of our members.  And you get access to it all so long as you remain a member.  Once you cancel membership you wil not have access to any of the content.  

Ready For Your Dream Dental Practice? 

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