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Dental BossLady is dedicated to helping female dentists create the thriving business of their dreams. Here are some of the tools and systems that many Dental BossLady Leadership Academy Alumni use to optimize their practice.
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Automate your systems and gain back your valuable time
Generate incredible word-of-mouth promotion by turning patients into raving fans
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"I have known Terri since dental school.  Right from the get-go, Terri was always there to help classmates succeed.  She would do things such as reminding us of the benefits of reading published journals, taking the leadership role of representing our class to the faculty, or trying to make things less stressful for the rest of us.

 Not much has changed since our dental school days.  She continuously strives to help colleagues in this difficult and challenging profession.  When I first approached Terri for ideas on how to do marketing, Terri immediately gave me some great suggestions.  However, she did not stop there.  She offered to help me take my practice to the next level.  She has given me great ideas and has been persistent in following up with me to make sure I continue to improve.

 Anyone looking for encouragement or help with your practice, I highly recommend Terri – the Dental BossLady!!

Thanks Terri for all your help so far."

- Dr. Muoi Leong

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